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Context Capital is a boutique investment consultant

At Context Capital, we believe that there is no single investment strategy that meets all clients' needs and any solution must reflect the context of the client.

Who We Are

The team at Context Capital brings significant, multi asset investment decision making experience gained in an APRA regulated environment.

Context Capital Beliefs


To Improve the quality and effectiveness of our clients investment decisions


To deliver independent, high quality, contextual investment solutions and advice


To be the market leader for bespoke asset consulting and portfolio implementation services

Value Proposition

Asset Owner Grade

Our clients act as fiduciaries and it is our privilege to support them to do so. We democratise access processes, capability and tools normally utilised by sophisticated asset owners.


Our clients deserve portfolios that are purpose built regarding their own organisational personality, stakeholder requirements and client objectives. We specialise in both constructing and implementing customised investment portfolios.


Our clients know us and we know our clients. This creates an open and trusting partnership. We believe in the importance of strong relationships and personalised service.