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Who We Help

At Context Capital, we believe that there is no single investment strategy that meets all clients' needs and any solution must reflect the context of the client.

Boutique Private Wealth Firms

We help leading boutique private wealth managers and financial advisers build their own unique investment portfolios for clients. This can be in the form everything from a suite of bespoke managed accounts to consulting engagements to support the implementation of an alternatives program for clients. One thing always remains core to our partnership approach – building bespoke portfolios that align with the investment philosophy of our client.

Endowment Portfolios

Context Capital's portfolio implementation services are designed to operate in partnership with leading institutional asset consultants. In providing asset consultants a refined process that ensures efficient execution, thorough reporting, and robust custodial protections, we help our partners to focus fully on navigating market complexities and deliver unconflicted portfolio outcomes.

Not for Profits

Context Capital understands the value and importance of a charitable organisation's financial assets. We provide clear, focused, and unbiased investment advice to help develop and implement robust investment strategies that support the organisation's mission and enable its charitable work to thrive. Our collaborative approach ensures a balance between day-to-day requirements and long-term financial objectives, offering customisable services to suit the organisation's needs and budget. Whether as standalone products or part of broader solutions, we take care of administration and detail, allowing organisations to focus on control and outcomes.