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Institutional grade investment and portfolio implementation services

We aim to deliver enhanced value through our focus on increasing the capability and knowledge of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Proven Institutional grade experience and resources delivered in a local and personable way.

What We Offer Who We Help

Asset Owner Grade

  • Asset owner, APRA regulated and fiduciary experience.
  • Strategic partnership with Frontier Advisors. Buy-side only research using the same research informing the industry fund giants. No conflicts. 
  • Best in class portfolio construction technology providing inclusive decision making.


  • Only Licensee Managed Portfolios, no off  the shelf managed account solutions.
  • Helping leading boutiques articulate and implement their own portfolios with their own investment philosophy.
  • The team has worked as a team being serviced by asset consultants so know what its like.

Personalised Service

  • 6 to 1 senior level consultant relationship, not 15 to 1 or 20+ to 1!
  • Unique inclusive investment philosophy development workshops.
  • Significant focus on markets less served by other consultants.

Our Core Values

Context Capital


Everyone takes the opportunity to pitch in and help out to work as one team to achieve our goals. 


We value a teammate giving something a try over being an expert. 


We offer each other help before it is asked for.

Context Capital


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards to be able to deliver outstanding work that meets societal, personal and company standards. 


We never compromise on matters of ethics and are each personally accountable for the highest standards of conduct. 


We will practice honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work and fulfill our commitments – when we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Context Capital


We are attentive and listen to what others have to say. Curiosity and challenge is encouraged and hubris rejected. 


Everyone has the right to feel safe to express their views and ideas. We actively listen to our clients, teammates, and participants in the ecosystem.