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At Context Capital, we believe that there is no single investment strategy that meets all clients' needs and any solution must reflect the context of the client.

Media & News

WA Super Trio Launches Boutique

WA Super Team Forms Consultancy

Growth in Context


Financial Planners Refine Strategies for Growth

NB Going Green Counts - The West

Money Management

Former WA Super investment team launch boutique.

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Investor Strategy News

Bitcoin: The nonsensical asset that makes sense now

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Investment Magazine

Chris West on thinking about risk outside the box

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IMAP - Institute of Managed Account Professionals

Investment Committee in a Best Interests World

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Financial Standard Managed Accounts

Good Governance is Gold

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Market Narratives

Chris West | Defining risk, bold decisions and capturing the right tail.



Magellan Sustainable Hybrid Event 52-57

Our own Chris McAlpine was invited to speak at a luncheon to participate in a discussion on ESG and Sustainable investing by Magellan including offering some insights in the field and guidelines on how you might determine your approach to ESG and building a framework to incorporate ESG into portfolio construction for interested clients.

The full recording of the session can be found at the link below.

Watch Full Session